The Brief: Find the underlying inefficiencies

Farmers had experienced significant disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic which confirmed a running hypothesis that there were outdated processes and inefficient tasking in their business. They needed external support to explore where these inefficiencies were, the magnitude of the impact to their businesses and what they could do about it. 

The Solution: A future-ready plan and a business case for change

X is Y worked with Farmers leadership and a small focus group to identify five key areas of impact for detailed discovery. We then mapped each of these areas in detail to identify the role performing each task, how long, how often and the value of what was produced to form a picture of how many tasks were value-added vs not. X is Y were then able to sum up these low-value tasks and demonstrate the case for change along with a high level roadmap and set of recommendations to act. Farmers was then able to stand up a change program to transform their business into a more efficient future-ready business.

The Benefits: Meaningful action towards high-value goals

The work we did with Farmers meant they could:

  • Confirm their hypotheses about the impact inefficient processes were having on their business.

  • Articulate the volume of impact as a case for change.

  • Get a high level plan to work towards.

  • Make a valuable signal to their staff that change was coming.

  • Make a start on the program that would deliver the value they seek and achieve their goals.

Farmers building, New Zealand.

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