We help leaders and practitioners achieve their goals through modern ways of working

Be more awesome.

Using data, analytics and modern ways of working, we help your organisation find areas of impact and work in more meaningful, unified ways towards measurable goals.

Our Approach

“The X is Y team has brought a fresh perspective and outside thinking into our organisation. They bring structure, process and methodology. They‘re well organised and a fantastic thought partner.”

Kari Jones, GM of Analytics & Insights, Countdown

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Do the right thing, do the thing right

Quality metrics cut through the complexities of decision making. They reduce risk and remove confusion. But measurement alone doesn’t enable meaningful change. When you have strategy, an aligned workforce, and intentional ways of working to support them, it’s easier to shape a future-proofed proposition for your business.

Our ServicesXisY whiteboarding session in Auckland.

Realise a new level of performance

We help you combine technology and human capability to drive sustainable change. Our approach is about creating connection, alignment, trust and purpose for the people in your business, as much as it is about the speed, momentum, delivery and progress it enables. With improved cohesion and engagement comes improved execution for more impactful outcomes.

Be future fit

Measure what matters

Get actionable intelligence with a built-in experience that users understand and can relate to, not just numbers on a page.

Design & deliver with excellence

Move from reactive fire-fighting to strategic purpose, achieve long-term value by prioritising actions that maximise impact, embrace experimentation and execute with more efficiency.

Run a good business

Make it easier to get things done, enable innovation and retain a more collaborative, reflective and engaged high-performing team.

How we engage

We understand business

We’ve helped to identify opportunities, create shifts and measure impact for dozens of ambitious brands across multiple industries and geographies.

See their stories

We meet you where you are

Whether you’re still defining your strategy, aligning teams, or readying your tools, we’ve got the expertise to help.

Our Services

We have fresh thinking and experienced execution

As a boutique team, we apply the speed of start-up agility, but execute with the knowledge and strategic thinking of experienced consultants.

Our Approach

We co-design solutions

We have a proven process. We start with intent and get familiar with your ambitions on where you want your business to be. We seek truth through analytics, so we can define, prioritise and validate the actions that are impactful and meaningful to your goals. Then we deliver a tailored plan to do something about it through workshops and coaching.

Our Approach
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