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Building a data capability from the ground up

Serko was making do with tactical spreadsheets and reactive ad-hoc reporting. This was time consuming and error prone with multiple sources of truth (transactional, behavioural data) and conflicting results, creating confusion and waste. On top of that, the existing Data team was working in isolation with little to no interaction with the business. They were pushing reports and metrics of possible interest out, rather than pulling in meaningful and business metrics that align to company goals. At the same time, Serko was building a partnership with Booking.com to launch Booking.com for Business that would drive scale that the current situation simply would not support.

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An uprecedented view into People and Culture metrics

Countdown were doing their best to monitor critical metrics in and across their significant sized stores & Distribution Centre (DC) network relating to; absenteeism, leave, pay accuracy, headcount, clocking, and turnover through spreadsheets and multiple source systems data. Whilst it was possible to get some information, the friction was often prohibitive, leaving many issues to be resolved reactively, long after the issues had impacted their workers in the field. Stores and DCs were unable to catch issues ahead of time as they had no access to this critical information on an as needed day to day basis, leaving a large backlog of remediation tasks for head office to address

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Company-wide digital transformation

This retailer was experiencing a common phenomenon felt by many organisations globally. Years of reactive solutions to problems had caused accumulation-based organisational debt – when processes, structures or policies are repeatedly added but never removed. Significant disruption due to the pandemic resulted in changes to the business resourcing mix, but not to their processes. This exposed a merchandising team encumbered with insufficient tools, outdated processes, lack of role clarity and lack of understanding of company goals.

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Ports of Auckland with X is Y in Auckland

Delivering new understanding with human-centred dashboards

Faced with sub-optimal visibility into their Container Operations, and part of a broader Digital Transformation initiative, we were engaged to help Ports of Auckland get a near real-time view into key metrics that matter and a new data platform that matches their needs. The outcomes were so compelling, that we were asked to add BI views into both Container Operations, and into key Safety and Wellbeing metrics.

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Tonkin and Taylor with X is Y in Auckland

A purposeful path forward with data

Tonkin & Taylor needed to understand how an investment in data and analytics could benefit their operations. We helped them create organisational metrics that gave their board and executive an unprecedented view into the performance of their business.

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Genesis Energy with X is Y in Auckland.

Data audit delivers a clear roadmap for change

Genesis Energy had discovered an issue with data quality across their business. We undertook a data audit, identified the issues and created a solution that gave their executive team a clear understanding of the benefits of investing in data and analytics.

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X is Y with IAG

Dashboards enable meaningful metrics and lasting capability

IAG wanted to turbo boost and improve the quality of the workstream dashboards they were delivering to their Digital teams. We delivered four dashboards to the point where the internal team could continue to develop them on their own, obtain new viewpoints into their data to guide their priorities and maximise their impact to their customers.

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Turners and Growers working with X is Y in Auckland.

Visibility over the full story behind the data

With a brand new strategy and an almost completely new executive, the timing was right for Turners & Growers to define their goals, create metrics that measure progress and focus in on an area of importance, to give them never before seen insight into their business.

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