Annual reflection workshops

Are you planning to formally reflect on the past year and create a vision for the new year? 

In rapidly changing environments like we operate in today, we argue that moving forward without deliberate reflection increases the risk of repeating the mistakes of the past. Instead, supercharge your team by taking the opportunity to identify, celebrate, and double down on your core drivers of success.

Why look back?

Your team’s capacity to learn and ability to innovate and improve are directly linked. Good reflection doesn’t just dwell on results and actions but on how change and progress have happened. Are we doing the right things? And are we doing the things right?

Too many reflections or retrospectives start with a focus on problems. “What is broken?” “Where did we mess up in the last project?” At X is Y we take a different approach and focus on opportunities. We don't linger on what's broken, but instead look for opportunities to do things differently or better accentuate existing strengths and capability.  We ask questions like “how might we….”

  • ensure hybrid work, works better for everyone?

  • improve the quality/speed of decision making?

  • share knowledge and collaborate more effectively?

  • be less reactive in our work?

What you'll get

Our annual reflection package includes two senior management consultants facilitating a 2-3 hour workshop (virtually or in-person). During this workshop your team will work individually and in groups to reflect on the year in terms of the things that went well, not so well, the things they missed, the trends they noticed and finally the lessons they are taking into 2024.

After your team completes the workshop, the X is Y team will provide a slide deck synthesising the detail into key themes and include action items or follow up projects for 2024. You’ll come away with a toolkit to lead this process with your team in the future and actionable insights to take into the new year.

We’ve had great success and a lot of fun running reflections both remotely and in-person with client groups and our own distributed teams.

Make your final weeks count

Take a more intentional look back on 2023 and look ahead to 2024 with clarity. We've built all the collateral and are ready to go, so it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg for something that will be ultra-valuable for your team. If you’re curious about this for your business, get in touch with us for a quote.

Data team in a hybrid meeting
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