Hear the real ROI on digital management consultancy

Published 11/3/2022

What could an investment in a data & analytics partnership help your business achieve?

We asked three X is Y clients - Ratneesh Suri, Head of Data & Analytics at Ports of Auckland, Kari Jones, Head of Analytics and Insights at Countdown, and Brett Ogilvie Director and Executive Leader of Sustainability from Tonkin + Taylor - to tell us how their business process and ways of working have changed since working with an external D&A partner.

Watch this panel discussion, where they each share more about their experience, lessons through their D&A journey, and why it’s OK to seek out help to get this important area of your business right.

You’ll hear how our partnership helped them enable more intelligent businesses through:

  • Greater unity, alignment and sense of direction

  • Both business-facing and competency outcomes

  • Creating an infinitely scalable analytics model

  • Learning to embrace failure and move at pace

They also share tips for getting the most out of working with an external provider, as well as engaging internal stakeholders.

Watch this insightful discussion below, and if you’re curious about what we could help your organisation achieve too, then get in touch to book a free introductory chat.

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