A purposeful path forward with data

Client: Tonkin & Taylor

The Brief: Explore what benefits could be realised by investing in data & analytics

A combination of forces aligned to catalyse T&T into action. The rise of digital in the surrounding market, innovations specifically in the engineering and consulting industry, plus a new operating model and company strategy meant that the timing was perfect for T+T to explore what benefits an investment in data & analytics could bring to their firm. 

The Solution: Delivering metrics that matter with efficiency & transparency

Through a series of workshops, we educated and aligned both the Board and the Executive on developing their data and analytics capability, and discussed how industry innovations could be applied to both their internal and external needs. We then worked with the Board and the Exec to ideate, align and prioritise their strategic and operational goals and then convert those goals to metrics that matter, ready for delivery in a series of Agile BI sprints. We not only delivered these metrics in the fastest most transparent way they had experienced to date, but we also identified several deficiencies in data and in ways of working that form the basis for the next phase of their digital transformation. 

The Benefits: A clear and purposeful path forward with data

As a result of this engagement, T&T now have:

  • A clearly defined understanding of how to gain maturity in data & analytics and the benefits they can expect.

  • Clearly defined goals and metrics to measure their progress.

  • Clearly defined and agreed definitions, calculations and understanding of business terms, metrics and process associated with these goals.

  • Hours and hours of saved time producing tactical reports with often conflicting results. 

  • T&T have a strong baseline of their performance against their strategic goals and now can level up by re-imaging a world with more time, more shared understanding and more space to work on actions towards their goals.

  • A burgeoning internal capability that can continue to grow and support these metrics over time and an open door to step into a predictive future and more collaborative, joined up ways of working.

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