Visibility over the full story behind the data

Client: Turners & Growers

The Brief: A yardstick for performance goals

With a new strategy and new executive, Turners & Growers engaged us to help them understand the importance of measurement of their goals and how they might go about getting better visibility into tracking their performance. 

The Solution: Unprecedented insight into the performance of their business

We kicked things off with a series of workshops with the T&G Executive, both onsite and at their away day, to identify measures of success for their key strategic goals. Once we had helped them prioritise a key area of the business where they needed extra visibility, we then undertook a series of sprints. The outcome was to produce a set of dashboards that would allow one of their critical business units to gain unprecedented insight into the performance of their business. The team is now incorporating these dashboards into their day-to-day ways of working to create a data-driven culture across their global business. With these performance baselines in place, we now have a solid basis to begin to model high impact decisions that will help accelerate their progress towards their goals. This work is now underway to give the team a more predictive view into the impact of their decisions ahead of time, saving time and increasing impact.

The Benefits: More data-driven ways of working and a baseline for a predictive future

X is Y has built a strong partnership with T&G to help them along their journey towards greatness with data & analytics. We have helped T&G with:

  • Getting crystal clear about their company goals, executive accountabilities and measures of success, 

  • Providing baseline performance metrics that the team played a part in and therefore, agree on, understand and can make decisions with.

  • Set the team up to begin the process of leveling up to a predictive future so that they can model the impact of their decisions ahead of time and maximise impact.

“X is Y worked closely with Sales and Finance to create a tool that enables us to see the full story behind the data as opposed to just numbers and allowing us to be Business Partners rather than spreadsheet jockeys.”

Rachel Stotter, Director Global Sales, Turner & Growers

Turners and Growers working with X is Y in Auckland.

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