Dashboards enable meaningful metrics and lasting capability

Client: IAG

The Brief: Get more meaningful metrics to drive digital business 

While IAG’s Data & Analytics team was delivering reporting to the business, it often missed the mark and didn’t provide meaningful metrics to their users. As a result the business was often having to take matters into their own hands and produce their own reports with conflicting results. In addition to confusion, the time and energy required to create these disparate reports was far too high. The result: a lot of effort and very little clarity. This experience was particularly acute in the Digital business and was amplified by the fact that this was a high priority area strategically for IAG, so timely information was critical to success. 

The Solution: Clarity on goals, consensus on actions to reach them

X is Y transformed the way the Data & Analytics team was engaging with the business with our Metrics that Matter Agile BI methodology. We were able to find clarity and consensus with Digital Leadership on their goals and how they mapped to the wider company goals. We could then turn these into high quality metrics, generate user stories that enabled users to describe who, how and why they intended to interact with these metrics, and sketch out how they might look across the three parts of the digital business and overall. What followed were a series of collaborative sprints to deliver these dashboards iteratively, which would then provide information to help IAG move towards their goals with clarity. 

The Benefits: Faster, easier and more transparent metrics

During and after the engagement with X is Y, the D&A team at IAG were able to experience a far more meaningful and effective engagement model with their business users. Their business users were able to obtain far more meaningful metrics to guide their actions, and the team was left with a much simpler platform and methodology to continue this capability going forward. In a nutshell: 

  • Faster speed to metrics that mattered, meaning lower costs and more time for value

  • Easier platform to work with, meaning more people could use it, which expanded the D&A’s teams ability to deliver value

  • Clarity to the product teams as to the impact of their projects to the overall business

  • Less confusion by the business, so more time to spend on action

  • A lasting capability that survived beyond X is Y’s engagement with IAG.

“Cyrus and the team from XisY were initially engaged by us to develop a reporting and insights platform for our digital business. However, by the end of the engagement, they had delivered that and much more - sharing practices and methods which allowed the internal team to pick up and run from where they left off. I would recommend XisY to any organisation that is looking for technically skilled, business savvy and pragmatic professionals to not only deliver a mission critical business outcome, but to leave the organisation in a better and more equipped place.

Billy Miller, GM Digital, Data & Analytics, IAG”

X is Y with IAG

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