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Tonkin and Taylor with X is Y in Auckland

Tonkin & Taylor

Tonkin & Taylor needed to understand how an investment in data and analytics could benefit their operations. We helped them create organisational metrics that gave their board and executive an unprecedented view into the performance of their business.

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Genesis Energy with X is Y in Auckland.

Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy had discovered an issue with data quality across their business. We undertook a data audit, identified the issues and created a solution that gave their executive team a clear understanding of the benefits of investing in data and analytics.

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X is Y with IAG


IAG wanted to turbo boost and improve the quality of the workstream dashboards they were delivering to their Digital teams. We delivered four dashboards to the point where the internal team could continue to develop them on their own, obtain new viewpoints into their data to guide their priorities and maximise their impact to their customers.

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Turners and Growers working with X is Y in Auckland.

Turners & Growers

With a brand new strategy and an almost completely new executive, the timing was right for Turners & Growers to define their goals, create metrics that measure progress and focus in on an area of importance, to give them never before seen insight into their business.

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Farmers building, New Zealand.


Significant Covid disruption had resulted in changes to Farmers resourcing mix, but not to their processes. After identifying areas for change and informing a business case for action, Farmers is now undertaking company-wide transformation, lead by X is Y to help them reach their goals.

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